Title: Venlo 80x180 cm commissioned by Famaly Boerebroelof

Art ordered by private clients

Susan makes paintings for special occasions, e.g. wedding anniversaries or birthdays. Discussing this with the client, she makes an inventory of the most important areas for the client such as their house, the town hall where the marriage took place or will take place and the spot where the couple met.

Those particular places she visits with the client. She transforms her impressions into two different paintings, each with its own atmosphere and feeling after which the client can make a choice. Furthermore, you can have a card designed for a special occasion. Wall paintings and designs for hand-woven rugs are among the possibilities.


Have you become interested and would you like more information? Do you want to make an appointment? Please contact one of the galleries that show Susan's work.

Should you be interested in a design for a personal hand-woven rug, please contact De Munk Carpets